Download Song Songs The Soldiers And Sailors Sing MP3 & Video

Download Songs The Soldiers And Sailors Sing Song MP3 Free, Song List Songs The Soldiers And Sailors Sing That You Can Download :
Deployment Medley - Sailors Sing 10 Songs in 4 Minutes 3:54
Armed Services Tribute/Drunken Sailor 8:8

Armed Services Tribute/Drunken Sailor

7.45MB Seamus Kennedy - Topic
Seamus Kennedy - Tribute to the armed services / Drunken sailor 8:6
Hallelujah Veterans Version 3:50

Hallelujah Veterans Version

3.51MB Sailor Jerri
Marines and Sailors sing underway 1:2
The Soldier and the Sailor The Soldier's Prayer-  sung by Steven L 5:38
Sailor 1961   Petula Clark  Lyrics 2:56
Soldiers & Sailors & Airmen, too Song 58
"Hallelujah" Veteran Version, by Sailor Jerri 3:41
98-Year-Old World War II Vet Tears Up When Navy Sailors Surprise Him With Song 1:25
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